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More Help.

Job Skills Help.

  • Heart and Hands Lindale (formerly Christian Job Corp) - Heart and Hands Lindale equips men and women with not only job readiness skills, but also through teaching the Word of God so they can become who God desires them to be.  We are committed to meeting the individual learning needs of each student to empower them to gain self-confidence, set positive life goals, and find hope for the future. In addition to job skills training, a key component of our program is Bible study and personal mentoring so that women can grow spiritually.


Cooking Help.

  • Visit our Healthy Recipes section to see some delicious and nutritious meals that you and your family will enjoy.



Financial Help​.

  • TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) - TANF program can provide families with financial help and related support services. State-administered programs may include help with childcare and finding and preparing for a job.


Medical Help.

  • CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) & Children’s Medicaid - CHIP provides health insurance coverage to eligible children, through both Medicaid and separate CHIP programs. 

  • Bethesda Health Clinic - Bethesda Health Clinic provides quality, affordable care close to home and is available for hard-working adults 18-64 who are uninsured.  Office visits are $20 or $30 depending on income. Bethesda has a Lindale location in the David Powell Food Pantry on the ChristPoint Methodist Church Lindale campus and treats chronic disease such as diabetes and hypertension, and we help with some medications. 


Counseling Help.

  • Mosaic Counseling (formerly Samaritan Counseling) - Mosaic Counseling Centers of East Texas is a non-profit and as such will be able to provide services to many in the community who would otherwise not be able to afford counseling. For your convenience, there are therapists that can meet at ChristPoint Methodist Church Lindale and by eCounseling. Mosaic offer services in English and Spanish. ​


Clothing Help​.

  • We Care Thrift Store - Lindale - We Care is a ministry supported by donations. Clothing and small household items are donated and then sold for a minimal price. We Care Thrift Store is located behind the David Powell Food Pantry on the southwest corner of the ChristPoint Methodist Church Lindale campus. You can also shop online at the link above. ALL proceeds benefit the Dr. David Powell Community Food Pantry.


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